Monday, November 06, 2006

What a beautiful Day

Sunday 5th November 2006

Today my Uncle Dan and Auntie Tam had their wedding. It turned out to be a lovely sunny day. My Uncle looked handsome and my Auntie looked beautiful.

As for me, I think I looked pretty. My mum and dad bought me a brand new dress to wear for the special day. I even had a pretty ribbon in my hair.

Here I am with my Dad, who was the best man. Doesn't he look dashing?

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  1. To dear Deanna,
    Thank you for coming to our wedding. Your little smile made the day all the more special. We especially liked it when you hit the dance floor with Mum. :) Lots of love always, your Uncle Dan & Auntie Tam xx PS you are right, you looked very pretty.