Friday, March 30, 2007


What a Fiesta! Apart from some wonderful Mexican food I had a great playtime with Uncle Dan, Auntie Tam, and Nan. As you can see, Auntie Tam took lots of photos with me playing with Uncle Dan...

And Nan managed to get in for one photo...

As always you can review the Fiesta food (which included Margurita's excellently made by Uncle Dan and eagerly consumed by Dad) at Sweet Cherrie Pie.

By the way Dan, Tam and Nan. All the Fiesta photo's can be seen here.



[Click here to see ALL my pics from this blog on one page ]

1 comment:

  1. Hello Deanna!

    I had lots of fun on Friday night. Thanks for letting me play with you. :) Your Mum & Dad's Mexican food was delicious too. See you soon!

    Love Uncle Dan.

    P.S. Keep practising with that soccer ball!