Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Me Myself and I

Take a look at the icon on the left of the Address bar in your browser, the place where you type in a website URL such as Who could that be hey? ;)

Wanna see all my pics from this Blog on one page? Sure you do! Click here if you dare!

Oh..and while I have your attention, why don't you leave me a comment? I'll be your friend for ever and ever I promise!



  1. i certainly need all the friends i can get :)
    nice kid. seems like a good eater :)

  2. When your daughter is old enough to read and use the internet, she will surely appreciate having such wonderful parents who spend so much efforts doing up her little diary.

    I am glad you found the Favicon article useful. Other than photos, you can always connect video clips to the blog, add slide shows, change colors, change template, and so on. But nothing beats the love that you have put into doing it, and this alone would have made her blog one of the best. Cheers!