Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Family History Part 1

Set 1
Date: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Subject: Dad's cousin

Set 2
Date: July 1983
Location: Dad's 3rd house in England; Albany Close.
Subject: Dad's cousins & their family

Dad's in red.

Uncle Dan is holding hands with his cousin Jamie, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Set 3
Date: September 1983
Location: English Beach ("Beach" used loosely)
Subject: Dad's cousins & their family

Uncle Dan is the one in the snorkelling mask...don't ask.

Set 4
Date: September 1983
Location: Dad's doesn't remember...leave a comment somebody with the answer and win a free prize *
Subject: Dad's cousins & their family

I know it was over 20 years ago but I'm sure my family must have heard how photography works. You are supposed to look at the person taking the freakin' photo people! If that isn't enough Uncle Dan (in the orange cap) is chattin' with his imaginary chimp "Bubbles", and Dad is stylin' his sweat-bands and excessively short shorts. Aghhhh...the 80's...the decade style forgot...

My Name Is Earl...

Set 5
Date: 8th June 1995
Location: Lancing
Subject: Dad's cousins, their family, Great Nan & Fantastic Bob

Set 6
Date: June 1995
Location: Nan & Bob's back garden
Subject: Dad's cousin & Mum


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* Prize's will not be honoured.

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  1. Is it Pay Out on Uncle Dan Week? :)

    So I was wrong. I HAD been snorkelling before!!

    P.S. Just between you and me Deanna, your Dad - being the eldest brother - was the trend setter and I copied everything he did. So he is directly responsible for all fashion tragedies! I bet he had that snorkel on just before me!